Reading While Eating for April 13: Life’s Curveballs

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Getty Images / Phil Walter

A Fijian Kava ceremony is performed before the ceremonial departure of the 'vaka' or traditional canoes ahead of their cross-Pacific voyage from Viaduct Harbour Auckland, New Zealand

Life is full of surprises. Through today’s links, NewsFeed embraces them.

Software Snafu: See what happens to your average freeway when image-processing software goes awry. (BoingBoing)

Spilling the Beans: As spring approaches and hot mugs of java are replaced with cool iced coffees, you may wonder why it takes so much less milk to lighten the cold drink. Here’s why. (Gizmodo)

The Real Deal: Reality TV is full of shocks. See the 32 epic moments in Reality TV history. (TIME)

Dynamic Duo: This police power couple wins the everyday hero award. They were enjoying their morning jog when they saw an SUV hit a tree and plunge into a lake. Without thinking twice they dove in and rescued a mother and her two children. (AOL)

Role Reversal: Conservative TV Host Bill O’Reilly emerges as the voice of reason, setting the record straight in the ridiculous debate over Obama’s birth certificate. (The Daily What)

Crazy Conspiracies: See 31 Wild Conspiracy Theories. (LIFE)

Viral Video: Parents’ worst nightmare! At an interactive Disneyland performance, this young girl chose the dark side and knelt to Darth Vader instead of battling him. (Urlesque)