Relics Returned: Cairo Museum Regains Four Looted Objects

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Getty Images / STR/AFP

Egyptian State Minister of antiquities Zahi Hawass holds a golden statuette of King Tutankhamun that was returned Tuesday

Four objects previously missing from the Cairo Museum in Egypt found their way back home. After announcing Sunday that they were missing over 1,000 relics looted during the revolution, Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass said in a press release Tuesday that the artifacts, which were found in a bag in an Egyptian metro station, had been recovered.

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The most notable piece returned was a King Tut figure, part of a statue of the King standing in a boat throwing a harpoon. The statue was broken off the boat which remains in the museum, soon to be reunited with the missing piece. King Tut returned without part of his crown and pieces of his legs, but the museum plans to restore the damages.

The museum also received a trumpet that belonged to King Tut and a shabti statue of Yuya and Tjuya, both in good condition. Those items will be on display shortly. The fourth item returned was a fan of Tut’s, but part of it had been broken into several pieces.

While these objects only represent a fraction of the missing artifacts but as the dust settles in Cairo, the museum hopes to witness more homecomings in the future.

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