Reading While Eating for April 20: Food and Drink

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Getty Images / Tom Pennington

Emergency crews drop a fire retardant slurry on a running wildfire on April 19, 2011 in Strawn, Texas

Today’s links put the ‘eating’ in “reading while eating.” Try not to get too hungry while you peruse these palatable pages!

More Tot-tails: Even though restaurant chains allegedly created safeguards to prevent this from happening, some places just can’t figure out how to serve non-alcoholic drinks to children. A Chili’s in Chicago served a four-year-old a dessert cocktail containing Kahlua, vodka and Bailey’s Irish Cream instead of a chocolate milkshake. (NBC)

Iced Coffee: A cafĂ© in D.C. has started serving “frozen coffee cubes” in their iced javas. One fan describes these frozen caffeine cubes as “the greatest culinary adaption since the invention of stuffed pizza.” (Washington Post)

Adorable Animals: See some bizarre animal friendships that are cute enough to drive you to veganism. (TIME)

Shining Starburst: This mother made her daughter’s entire prom dress out of Starburst wrappers. Thrifty or tacky? (The Daily What)

Food Art: Take a look at some pictures of food-inspired art and realize that still-lifes were only the beginning. (LIFE)

Why You Should Remember to Feed Your Pet Snake: Police had to rescue this Kansas woman from the jaws of her python. (Reuters)

Viral Video: Are tornadoes the next Hamburglar? If you find yourself caught in a twister, make sure you hold onto your lunch. You wouldn’t want to end up like this poor fellow! (NY Mag)