Antique Airplanes, Ski Resorts and Liechtenstein: Odd Dwellings You Can Rent Online

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The Castel of Vaduz, home of the Liechtenstein princely family is seen on September 3, 2010 above Vaduz.

For those who have literally everything, or for hosts of really (and we mean really!) big parties, why not rent a whole European principality? (via Techland)

Airbnb, a Couchsurfing-like website for properties, has partnered with an event company in the tiny but gorgeous principality of Liechtenstein to offer, well, the country itself for rent.

Besides the small mountainous country, dotted by charming castles nested between Switzerland and Austria, the towns available for rent are most in the Germanic part of Europe, so brush up your Deutch before booking. You can in fact rent six Austrian villages, three German towns and one Swiss ski resort on the site.

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It all started last year when Snoop Dogg approached the Liechtenstein government to rent the nation (home to around 35,000 people) as a location for a music video. The deal fell through for bad timing, but the idea stuck.

Here are a few tips on what you could do to with your rented country, town or resort, from Airbnb’s blog:

The possibilities for customizing the experience are almost endless — rename city streets and town squares, print your own temporary currencies, carve logos or names into the snow on the mountainside — and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

As part of the welcoming celebrations, the mayors themselves would present you with the keys of the city, with marching band and, possibly, with a medieval festival of your liking.

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What’s the damage? Renting Liechtenstein, which sports also great skiing, magnificent castles and offshore banks, will set you back about $70,000 a night, but, understandably, the minimum stay is two nights. And there are anywhere between 450 and 900 beds, so bring friends.

Other villages are worth a look, too — actually, NewsFeed suggests renting a ski resort or a spa town, not a whole country. Besides a closer feeling for intimacy, they are slightly cheaper (they all cost between $50,000 and $65,000 per night, so you could spend the difference on drinks).

But that’s not the only weird thing you can rent on Airbnb.

How about springing for an airplane? One of the last Allied planes out of Vietnam, a 1950 Bristol Freighter, now on static display in New Zealand, has been converted to a mini hotel. There are two rooms, one in the cockpit and one in near the tail, and they would go for a mere $237 per night. That’s the cheapest you can spend for sleeping four people on a plane, horizontally. Granted, you won’t land anywhere when you wake up, but the views (New Zealand being New Zealand) are spectacular. Aviation-wise, you can also sleep in a former East Germany state plane, a 40-meter-long Ilyushin 18, now in the Netherlands, that’s been converted to a luxury suite for two ($521/night). Fancy a houseboat? Travel to magic Kerala, India and rent this floating little jewel that come with a chef and full service, for only $721 a night.

But the weirdest ad of all is a single, semi-vintage moto-scooter that Suzuki launched in 1992, but never exported outside Japan. Why it’s listed in a rent-a-space website is beyond NewsFeed but it sure looks like a fun way to tour the Aichi prefecture in Japan. It might be a little uncomfortable to sleep on it, though.