Reading While Eating for April 21: Clever and Creative

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Getty Images / Jasper Juinen

Penitents of the Cofradia del Silencio hold their candles during a Holy Week procession on April 20, 2011 in Zamora, Spain

Innovative and unique ideas take center stage in today’s links.

USS Lego: Legos serve as this artist’s medium. He created a 22 foot model of the USS Intrepid using 250,000 pieces. (Telegraph)

Seeing Symmetry: Need a little beauty in your life? Watch this mesmerizing video. (GOOD)

Horse Decor: Actress Amanda Seyfried has an unusual taste in interior design. Her latest purchase: a taxidermied horse she named Antoine. (MSNBC)

Fun Phenomenon: See some pictures of Activationism, the “grooviest cult ever!” (LIFE)

Seeking the Silver Lining: Watch a video about, a site that offers unique recordings from its studio and captures the best in bands that play there. (TIME)

Robo-Production: Is it really possible? Frida is a Swiss robot created to replace humans on the production line. (Fast Company)

Viral Video: Old Spice has launched yet another ad campaign. This one introduces a new character and is admittedly a bit more disturbing than their last. It’s only airing in foreign markets but NewsFeed gives you a sneak peek here. (The Daily What)