Football Stars Have Butter Fingers: Real Madrid Player Drops Trophy

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After an 18-year quest to win the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup), Spain’s Real Madrid team finally got their moment of glory Wednesday. Little did they know it would slip through their fingers a few hours later.

The team edged out arch-rival Barcelona in overtime of the famous Spanish soccer competition when Portugese star and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo headed in the game’s only goal.

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Celebration ensued and the players rode through Spain’s streets on top of an open-air bus as thousands of fans flocked the streets. Sergio Ramos, the team’s vice-captain, stood at the front proudly hoisting the trophy for all to see.

But celebration turned to chaos when the 33-pound cup slipped from his hands, tumbled into the street in front of him and got run over by the bus. Madrid spokeswoman Marta Santisteban told the Associated Press that the trophy “is not in good shape” and “has to be fixed.”

Perhaps still giddy from the win, Ramos doesn’t seem too concerned about his slip-up and maintains that the falling trophy had a mind of its own. He thinks the incident revealed the trophy wanted to greet the tourists and tweeted, “the cup jumped when it saw too many Madridista at Cibeles!”

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