Reading While Eating for April 22: Breakfast Club

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Getty Images / Michel Porro

Flower fields in full bloom on April 21, 2011 in Lisse, Netherlands

What’s the story, morning glory? We know it’s lunchtime but the first meal of the day takes the spotlight in today’s links. Eggcellent!

Toaster Project: This man set out on a mission to construct a toaster from scratch. Not so simple! (Gizmodo)

Egg Donation: A group of Colorado farmers got into the Easter spirit by donating over 300,000 eggs to the state’s food banks. (AOL News)

Sleepwalk With Me: Check out this animation of comedian Mike Birbiglias’s new album. (SplitSider)

Morning After: Waking up after a rough night? Try one of these 10 hangover cures. (TIME)

Cadbury Creme of the Crop: Chocolate for breakfast? Take a look at some recipes using everyone’s favorite Easter candy and treat yourself to some Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict this weekend. (BuzzFeed)

Caf-feces Fix: See pictures of an animal that poops out coffee. There’s something to spark a switch to tea. (LIFE)

Viral Video: BBC Breakfast came a little too early for actress Helen Mirren to be on top of her game. Watch her curse on national television. (The Daily What)