Gabrielle Giffords Cleared For Launch–and Excited To Go

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Reuters/Giffords for Congress/PK Weis/Handout

U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords with her husband Mark Kelly

It’s good news for Gabby!

The doctors have determined that Rep. Giffords will be able to attend her husband Mark Kelly’s launch of the the space shuttle Endeavor this Friday. Giffords is still recovering from a horrific shooting in Tucson this past January, though doctors have said she’s steadily improving. Reportedly, she has just started walking a little and can speak in short sentences.

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Giffords’ husband Kelly, an astronaut, took time off to help see his wife through her recovery and returned to training in February. During an interview with Katie Couric, Kelly dished on his wife’s chances on attending the launch, saying that, “”Yes — I’ve met with her — her doctors, her neurosurgeon and her doctors. And they’ve given us permission to take her down to the launch.”

He also noted that Giffords is looking forward to the excursion–her first since the accident. “I think she said, ‘Awesome,’ and she pumped her fist one more time!” Kelly said. (via CBS)

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