Man Tries to Hijack Plane to Libya, Thwarted By Flight Attendants

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Reuters / Alessandro Bianchi

A man (C) from Kazakhstan is escorted by police as he leaves Fiumicino airport, northeast Rome

A man with a small knife tried to hijack a plane to Libya Sunday night but was overpowered by flight attendants and subsequently arrested.

The man, who is reported to be a citizen of Kazakhstan, was on an Italian airline Alitalia flight from Paris to Rome.  During the flight he pulled out a knife, assaulted a female flight attendant and demanded the flight divert course to Tripoli, Libya. The Guardian reports that a doctor, who was among the passengers on the flight, sedated the man after other attendants restrained him in his seat.

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The flight landed as scheduled with all 131 passengers still on board. Upon landing, the female flight attendant who was attacked was treated for minor injuries and police who had been radioed to meet the flight arrested the man.

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