Reading While Eating for April 26: Perfect Performances

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Getty Images / Matt Cardy

The Band of the Royal Marines HMS Collingwood who will be playing at the wedding take part in a rehearsal

Lights, Camera, Action! Performances of all shapes and sizes take center stage in today’s links. Newsfeed hopes they leave you asking for an encore!

Shakespeare Meets Social Media: Today, at 4pm, watch a modern remake of Much Ado About Nothing live on Facebook. (All Facebook)

Ten Points for Gryffindor: Watch Danielle Radcliffe make his stand-up comedy debut. (NY Mag)

Oprah’s Next Venture: On her show last week, Oprah revealed it was her dream to perform on Broadway. (NYT)

Live Priceline: For event promoters who want to fill seats and consumers who want to see live events without breaking the  bank: ScoreBig is the answer.  (Fast Company)

Broadway Comedians: Stand-up comedians are starting to find their place on Broadway. (TIME)

Royals on Honeymoon: In preparation for this week’s theatricals, see some pictures of a different royal couple on honeymoon. (LIFE)

Viral Video: What happens when Oscar Wilde meets Jersey Shore? Take a look here. (The Daily What)