Reading While Eating for April 27: Memorable Museum Matters

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Getty Images / ChinaFotoPress

Get outta my feed

Take a look at some cool collectibles, awesome architecture and unforgettable memorabilia in today’s links.

Scary Sculptures: See the 14 most unintentionally terrifying statues in the world. (Cracked)

Natural Wonders: Check out the top places to see that may disappear in the near future. (MSNBC)

Go Ape: Perfectly suited for primates, these banana sculptures offer a unique take on edible engravings. (Splash News)

Miniature Model: Watch a video of this toothpick replica of San Francisco. (GOOD)

Vintage Licenses: Go old school with these pictures of past plates. (LIFE)

Scaredy-Crafts: See what scares the artists that scare us. (TIME)

Viral Video: Remember the 8-year-old Director of Fun at the National Railway Museum? Watch an adorable interview here. (The Daily What)