Reading While Eating for April 28: Pet Causes

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Getty Images / James Glossop - WPA Pool

LONDON - APRIL 28: Larry, the Downing Street cat, gets in the Royal Wedding spirit in a Union flag bow-tie in the Cabinet Room at number 10 Downing Street on April 28, 2011 in London, England.

Take a look at philanthropic celebrities, fabulous charities and furry four-legged creatures in today’s links.

Gaga For Robin Hood: Lady Gaga announced on Facebook that she’s partnering with the Robin Hood Foundation to donate $1 million to underprivileged youth in New York City. (Forbes)

Seven Saving Sisters: Seven employees at Loyola University Medical Center have donated their kidneys in the past year to either strangers or casual acquaintances, an effort that has helped launched a kidney donation program at Loyola. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Pick Ladies Over Tramps: Looking for a smart pet? This study says you should opt for a female dog over a male. (Discovery News)

A Good Cup of Coffee: Learn about Seattle’s Best Samaritans: the coffee chain kicked off their “Brew-lanthropy” project last month. (AOL News)

The Rodent That Wants to Be a Human: Check out this video of a chinchilla that can walk on its hind legs. (The Daily What)

Pets of the Park: See some pictures of metropolis pups in Central Park. (LIFE)

Earth-Altering: Want to feel inspired? Take a look at 10 ideas that will change the world. (TIME)

Viral Video: Watch this adorable paraplegic bunny in his rodent wheelchair. (Best Week Ever)