Tumblr of the Week: Writers and Kitties

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Courtesy of www.writersandkitties.tumblr.com

"Jean-Paul Sartre and his existentialist kitty"

What do writers love as much as words? Cats!

This week’s Tumblr is called Writers and Kitties and it’s home to a collection of photographs of writers with their beloved felines. From Mark Twain to Margaret Atwood, it would seem that the most esteemed of authors all have a particular pet preference.

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While it’s a logical preference (a cat is more of a companion than, say, a goldfish, but doesn’t require the attention that a dog does) it’s interesting to see just how many writers had cats (c’mon, NewsFeed can’t be the only ones with allergies).

Whether you’re a fan of the writers or a fan of the fur, this Tumblr is a place where “literature has whiskers and pointy ears” and it’s delightful. (via Tumblr)