Better Late Than Never: Chuck Takes Aim at Osama bin Laden

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Monday night's episode of Chuck

In London, they have an expression that describes how you wait ages for a bus and then two come along at once. A similar scenario has just played out on American television.

But the moving target wasn’t so much a mode of British transport but rather the world’s most wanted man. Airing less than 24 hours after the news of the real Osama bin Laden being killed, the latest episode of Chuck featured former Marine John Casey (Adam Baldwin) heading to a shooting range with his “favorite target” in hand. Can you guess who adorned it? It was only OBL with two sizable targets on his forehead and chest! What’s more, real-life bin Laden was supposedly taken out with¬†two shots, one to the head and one to the chest.

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As it was fiction, this all went down while the characters were discussing Chuck’s imminent bachelor party in (what they thought would be) Las Vegas, hence the “fancy targets” that could be used at Sin City’s gun ranges.

A victory for U.S. pop-culture then and the only way this could have been improved is if 24‘s Jack Bauer had rocked up (as many online would like to think happened in Pakistan) to help take the terrorist target out. Then again, don’t rule that reunion out as these are the kind of plot points that can get a show renewed for another season. (via Deadline Hollywood)

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