Paging Michael Scott: ‘That’s What She Said’ Computer Algorithm Developed

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Computers! They can now make terrible jokes just like us. 

If Michael Scott’s departure from The Office has left you broken, then you’re likely the sort of person who will be cheered up by this news: computer scientists have actually developed software that recognizes double entendres, à la “that’s what she said” jokes.

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The software, called DEviaNT (Double Entendre via Noun Structure) was developed by Chloé Kiddon and Yuriy Brun from the University of Washington (you can read their report here). Known as a natural language analyzer, the software is supposed to check ordinary words for their possible sexual connotations and will then assess whether a “that’s what she said” response will work.

They’re still tinkering with it, but the technology currently has a 70% accuracy rate. Though we’re sure that the 30 percent of nonsensical “that’s what she said” jokes the software generates still get a laugh anyway. (via Popular Science)

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