Calling All Artists: Sweden Needs Help Designing Its New Banknotes

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Swedish banknotes

Hey, artsy Swedes — this could be your chance to go down in history.

Sweden’s Riksbank is holding a competition to design a set of new banknotes. Open to artists, designers and architects, the contest is an attempt to modernize the country’s paper money. (Swedish currency is the krona.)

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Contest participants must bear in mind that their designs must follow the appropriate color scheme for each bill and include the pre-selected cultural figures, but other than that, it’s fair game.

Though there are no guarantees that the winning design will be exactly replicated onto the notes (it’s been said that the chosen design will be a “starting point”), this competition still sounds amazing. Apart from the fact that non-American bills are usually pretty to begin with (color!), having a hand in designing the currency would provide you with endless bragging rights. (via Wired UK)

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