Reading While Eating for May 5: Illusions and Confusion

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Getty Images / Dean Mouhtaropoulos

James DeGale poses near a Spider-Man mural during the James DeGale and George Groves Press Conference held at Dale Youth Boxing Club in Granfell Tower on May 5, 2011 in London, England

Today’s links have caused controversy, debate, confusion, or at very least, are more than they appear.

The Car that Thinks It’s a Board Game: Check out this race car with a candy-fueled game of Operation in the hood. (Laughing Squid)

Liquid to Metal: Watch fire become a bronze sword. (Gizmodo)

Operation Clarification: The man who tweeted the bin Laden raid is fed up with all the attention and says people have their facts wrong. (The Atlantic)

UF-No: Contrary to what this man believed, he did not in fact see aliens in the night sky. (MSNBC)

Lady Gaga Look-alike? See pictures of fans in tributary costume. (LIFE)

Photo Mix-up: Fake pictures of bin Laden have been circulating around the United States Senate. (TIME)

Hat Attack: Take a look at some ridiculous photo-shopped pictures ridiculing Princess Beatrice’s unusual wedding hat. (TheStir)

Viral Video: Oops! In this episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the question-writer may not have thought ahead…(The Daily What)