Floridians, Hike Up Your Pants: It’s the Law

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Is this the beginning of the real-life fashion police?

Say goodbye to baggy, saggy pants in Florida. Governor Rick Scott now has the power to put the kibosh on trousers that don’t quite cover enough, if he approves SB 228, affectionately titled the “droopy drawers bill.”

The state is tightening the belt on baggy pants in schools, modeled after an initiative implemented in many cities and towns across the nation that enact penalties for this type of “indecent exposure.”

In Florida, school districts from Tampa to Palm Beach County already have penalties for low-slung slacks – but now the state looks to make it official. The law will ban pants that reveal underwear or “body parts” in a vulgar way.

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The consequences are nothing too harsh, yet we’d be quite embarrassed to be punished for such an offense. The first violation will earn the wearer a verbal warning, the second time warrants a principal-parent chat, and upon the student’s third dungaree delinquency, he or she could be suspended. Ouch!

Also part of last week’s legislative session: a ban on bestiality. Miami’s NBC affiliate put it best: “Floridians are gonna have to start pulling up their pants and stop having sex with animals soon.” Some laws, like the former, are inane for their frivolity, and others — well, we’re shocked they even have to be brought up.

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When I was a teenage high-schooler and college student it was commonplace for someone wearing their pants on their hips to be, as we called it "pantsed".  The Jocks were especially adept at accomplishing the feat of pulling a lowrider's pants to his ankles.  The embarassment was usually enough to make the miscreant think twice about getting caught that way again.  Of course when the pants were down around someone's ankles, it was a given that the victim would be given a little nudge, easily sending the fellow to the floor or ground.  If you were the one to get pantsed, it was considered that you deserved your fate for being so stupid. 


This should be illegal all across the United States of America. Not only in Schools but out in Public as well.

You don't see Nudist running around in Public Places.