Reading While Eating for May 11: House and Home

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Getty Images / Andreas Rentz

Actor Antonio Banderas (L) and actress Salma Hayek attend the 'Puss in Boots' Photocall at Carlton Beach during the 64th Cannes Film Festival on May 11, 2011 in Cannes, France

Today’s links cater to your homemaking needs.

What if You Lived in Ikea? One photographer decided to bring this oft-imagined concept to life. (The Consumerist)

Android@Home: Google’s new technology will allow users to control appliances directly from their phones. (Fast Company)

Lego-Style Apartment: Every step of the day requires thought and effort in this man’s tiny apartment. (Fair Companies)

Going Somewhere? Check out 25 great travel apps. (TIME)

Auto-Produce: See pictures of the first automatic grocery store. (LIFE)

Soupy Soap: See what happens when you microwave a bar of soap. (The Daily What)

Viral Video: Take a look at this amazing clip from a Chinese talent show. (Buzz Feed)