Watch: News Anchor Rescues Flock of Baby Ducklings from Storm Drain

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In a touching rescue tale, Indianapolis WISH-TV anchor Daniel Miller saved 11 baby ducklings trapped in a storm drain Sunday.  (via WISH-TV)

Miller says that he and his team knew that police officers and firefighters would not come help so they had no choice but to take action. “There they were, all bundled up, crying for their mom,” he said. “She was nearby quacking.”

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Miller descended into the storm drain wearing a glove that a stopper-by police officer had given him. When he got down there and tried to scoop the ducklings into a bag, one ran away. He emerged first with 10 of the ducklings and then went back down to retrieve the stray.

It was a heartwarming story that ended in what Miller described as “an uneventful reunion.”

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