‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ Trailer Leaked

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It’s may be the “feel bad” movie of the holiday season, but the trailer looks incredible.

And with David Fincher at the helm, would we expect anything less? The red-band (meaning possibly Not Safe for Work) trailer for the much-anticipated silver screen spinoff of Stieg Larsson’s bestseller has hit the Web, teasing us long in advance of its December 21 release date.

Much-anticipated might be too tame a phrase, actually.  Fans of the 2005 book are raving about the film release. And its popularity is dually evident by the fact that this is no official trailer release – when moviegoers start pirating the trailer, you know you’ve got a blockbuster on your hands.

(VIDEO: Q&A with Noomi Rapace, actress in the Swedish version)

Fincher’s version stars Rooney Mara as the series’ heroine Lisbeth Salander and Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, as investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist. The film is the second based on Larsson’s first novel in his Millennium series – a Swedish version of the film came out in 2009 and has since been released in more than 25 countries.  The book has garnered an incredible worldwide audience, having sold more than 30 million copies in at least 44 languages.

The trailer tells us very little about the storyline, so we’re not yet sure how similar the movie will be to Larsson’s original creation. But the rapid-fire action and gorgeous cinematography, bolstered by an in-your-face rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song, tells us that we shouldn’t care. The garish song was put out by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ singer Karen O, proving to be a perfect match for the split-second screen cuts. It’s a can’t-miss trailer, which means you probably shouldn’t miss the movie, either.

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