Say It Without Actually Saying It: Anonymous E-Cards Avoid Awkward Confessions

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Courtesy TIGTBA

This Is Going To Be Awkward's e-cards say what you're thinking -- anonymously

You know those topics too touchy for words? Say it with a nameless e-mail instead.

In the course of daily conversation, there are those topics that you just can’t breach with other people. Perhaps you value their love, respect or friendship (which might be compromised with a certain conversation). Their gnarly odor, their obnoxious boyfriend, their potentially amorous tendencies toward you – avoid the uncomfortable conversation with an easy solution: an anonymous e-card.

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Bridging the e-card void between practical (like inSPOT’s STD notification notes) and snarky (a la someecards) emerges This Is Going To Be Awkward, a portal for the socially anxious to send an anonymous message about a potentially touchy subject.

Just because you’re thinking something snarky doesn’t mean it should be kept quiet. But the manner in which you say it makes all the difference. With one of TIGTBA’s e-cards, your friend/significant other/mom can get the memo without knowing it was you. They may have a hunch, but that just means you’re not too good at keeping secrets. The e-cards come in a simple postcard fashion, without collecting any identifiable details from you.

In fact, about the only customizability the site offers is the note’s signature, albeit not your own. Depending on your relationship, you can sign off as a friend or lover (while, of course, ensuring that you remain as such, thanks to the anonymity) with an XOXO or Sincerely, naming yourself as the standard Anonymous or the more mysterious Rumpelstiltskin. We predict you’re going to have a little too much fun with this one, NewsFeeders. Just be careful what you send.

Just kidding, it’s anonymous – they’ll never know it’s you!

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Since the world IS IN FACT getting more and more stupid, this "backfire" may have been expected. Many people, mostly liberals/Atheists, don't care for law and order, nor for much values, but their main goal is for the world to suffer carelessness and selfishness and in the end, Chaos. To Police Officers and Departments out there: DO NOT let these imbeciles and feeble trouble-makers decide what you ought to and not ought do. You guys carry weapons and those weapons can be taken from you: we, the intellectual ones, understand why you must get physical. I am nearly 100% behind you. Keep doing a great job!


@ScallywagNYC You have to be friggin kidding! Understand law first, then how/what the masses think about life in general, then put these together. The cops have EVERY right at being protective of themselves when other "protesters" (or idiots) people get too close. Imbeciles think they have the right to do anything anyhow, but the Police are by the Law, which simply don't understand what that is.