Black Bear Kills Two, Self in Rare Traffic Accident

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A wandering black bear wreaked tragedy on a rural Quebec road this week, killing two in a bizarre traffic accident.

The roughly 300-pound bear—apparently out late and on a mating season hunt—lumbered onto a two-lane highway near Luskville, Quebec, 25 miles northwest of Ottawa. A Pontiac car hit the bear, sending the animal directly into the windshield of an oncoming Nissan Pathfinder SUV. The flying bear killed the female driver and the man seated directly behind her. The black bear then exited the vehicle out the back.

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A male in the front passenger seat was injured, but in stable condition and the two male occupants of the Pontiac weren’t seriously injured. The bear died.

According to UPI, Constable Martin Fournel says the accident was a first for him, even though similar accidents involving deer aren’t as rare. “The bear went through the windshield on the driver’s side and went back out by the back window. So can you imagine?”

A hunting guide told the CBC that during mating season bears wander away from their normal territory and can be reckless in their pursuits.

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