Jon Stewart: Why Should Weiner Apologize to Bill Clinton?

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No longer going easy on his Delaware beach buddy, Jon Stewart amped up his critique of Anthony Weiner’s textual affairs on last night’s show. 

Stewart’s first point of attack was mocking the fact that Weiner called Bill Clinton to apologize for his indiscretions. While this may be a fitting chain of command, considering Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin is Clinton’s wife Hillary’s right-hand woman, Stewart appropriately points out that former president Clinton shares similar scandalous endeavors with the New York congressman. Rather than Weiner apologizing for his actions, Stewart hopes he made reparations for what could instead be considered “copyright infringement.”

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In the day’s other Weiner-related development, RadarOnline posted the contents of the raunchy Facebook messages he allegedly exchanged with a Las Vegas woman, in which The Daily Show was explicitly mentioned – explicit in the deeds the two were planning while watching Stewart’s show. The meta moment for Stewart turned into paranoia that many of his viewers simply have him on as background noise in the bedroom. It was a rare occurrence where Stewart actually seemed to injured by the words of his old friend Weiner – though fortunately not a literal injury this time.

Finally, Stewart is managing to dish out a bit of tough love to his old friend.

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