‘The Playboy Club’ Is Too Hot For Salt Lake City TV

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So says NBC affiliate KSL, anyway; they won’t be airing the television drama this fall.

The Playboy Club is NBC’s Mad Men-wannabe new drama about the legendary gentlemen’s club back in the day. But NBC’s affiliate station in Salt Lake City has announced that they will not be airing the show due to its “objectionable material”.

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“The Playboy brand is known internationally. Everyone is clear what it stands for,” station CEO Mark Willes said in a statement. “We want to be sure everyone is clear what the KSL brand stands for, which is completely inconsistent with the Playboy brand.”

The decision isn’t really all that surprising, as the A.V. Club points out that “the affiliate is actually owned by the Church of Latter-day Saints.” Are the people of Salt Lake City having their right to choose what to watch snatched out from under them? Eh, maybe, but don’t fret too much for them–there’s always Hulu if they really want to see what this lackluster looking show is all about. (via AV Club)

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