Elderly Man Who Was Bound By Robbers Chews His Way To Freedom

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It’s not the first time we’ve said it, but thank goodness for dentures.

Lester Matteson in Shoreline, Washington is 92, lives in a log cabin and is probably the cutest man you’ll see today. He’s also a hero according to a group of third-graders in Tennessee (oh, and according to NewsFeed). Last December Matteson was robbed at home and the thieves duct taped him to a dining room chair. But, hero that he is, Matteson freed himself by chewing his way through the tape.

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After hearing of this heroic feat, a group of third-graders dubbed Matteson the hero of 2011 and sent him a medal honoring him. How did the hero receive the honor? “Oh, I think they’re the heroes,” he said. “They’re the little heroes.” Consider your heart warmed, NewsFeeders. (via KVAL)