Bored at the Airport? Just Make a Viral Video

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I’m guessing these guys weren’t stuck at Singapore’s airport, where they could have caught a free movie (or enjoyed a giant twister slide). But that’s okay — they found another way to pass the time.

Joe Ayala and Larry Chen, two photographers who found themselves on a red-eye layover at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, created a video to pass the time when they realized they had $30,000 worth of camera equipment between them. The two had just attended the Formula Drift Palm Beach event and were headed home.

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From having some fun with an American Airlines gates to racing around on wheelchairs, their hijinks have blown up on the Internet – and have made DFW officials question airport security.

But what did the security guards exactly think when Ayala and Chen were filming the pranks? According to Ayala, “They sort of just stopped, looked, and realized that we weren’t a threat and moved on.”