Sad Keanu Wants to Make You Sad Too With His New Sad Book

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Sad Keanu

Sadness for everyone!

Seemingly it’s not enough for Keanu Reeves to sit alone, glumly eating a sandwich, contemplating life, love, his career or anything else that might or might not be depressing him; he wants to pass that sadness around. Enter his new book, the ironically titled Ode to Happiness, where “blotchy, black-ink drawings” (NewsFeed is imagining Rorschach tests here, but we could be wrong) are accompanied by bits of text such as “I draw a hot sorrow bath” and “It could always be worse.”

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While Reeves claims that this new project has nothing to do with the Sad Keanu meme from last summer—in fact, he insists the idea for the book predates the now-notorious photo—it certainly can’t have hurt his chances of publicizing this depressing-sounding book. And while Reeves seems to think the book’s concept is hilarious, we’re hesitant to agree; this just sounds bleak. And to think, this is the thanks we get for Cheer Up Keanu Reeves Day. (via Guardian)