Salvage Diver Plans Mission to Recover bin Laden’s Body

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Courtesy Bill Warren

Salvage diver Bill Warren is seen on the beach near his Fallbrook, Calif. home on June 16, 2011.

“I’ve found every wreck I’ve looked for,” he tells NewsFeed. But what makes Bill Warren so sure he’ll succeed this time? (via Battleland)

Warren has more than 30 years of salvage diving experience, but the 59-year-old is now planning the most intense mission of his career. Osama bin Laden’s body is somewhere at the bottom of the Arabian Sea, and Warren is confident in his ability to find it. Does he not believe bin Laden was finished off by Navy SEALs? He won’t readily admit the reason for his disbelief, but his radical salvage mission proves there are certainly tinges of it.

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In searching for the body, which he says will be like finding a “cigar at the bottom of the ocean,” the Fallbrook, Calif. man will employ the use of side-scan sonar, the same technique that found the Titanic on the Atlantic floor.

But can it pinpoint a human corpse, wrapped and buried at untold depths? If the body is found, Warren tells NewsFeed he’ll “take photographs and video and a sample of his hair” to test his DNA against that of bin Laden’s family. The cost, he estimates, will run up to $400,000. But it’s a price tag that he says is worth it, for the proof that bin Laden was actually killed.

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