Tumblr of the Week: Dear Photograph

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Dear Photograph

"Dear Photograph, This was the best day. 650 days and counting… @mrspoultry"

Photography, nostalgia and Tumblr just might be NewsFeed’s new favorite combination.

This week’s Tumblr is Dear Photograph, a sweet photo log which collects recent photos juxtaposed with older photos taken in the exact same location. Each image has a caption beginning, “Dear Photograph,” followed by a memory or a wish for the photographer’s younger self.

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Whether it’s an image of childhood home with a photo showing an earlier version of the same house complete with smiling kids or an image of a beach with a photo showing a since-passed on grandmother on the same beach (horizon or architecture lines line up within the image showing that it’s the same place), the overall effect is nostalgic and sweet.

Sounds a bit meta, we know, but the results are so charming we’ll let it slide. (via Tumblr)

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Those lacking credible leadership use the Putin-Hitler card. Putin is no Hitler, or a saint either.

Bottom line: Putin will not allow the Ukraine to be part of NATO thereby allowing ports full of American and NATO warships in the Black Sea, home base to the Russian Navy. Everything else from Kerry and Obama is just noise. Unless we borrow money from China, America has none to invest in the Ukraine/Russian conflict. We also have no interest or desire to waste American lives or weapons to fight other nations politics, anymore.


It is a losing battle but cant help but admire the Ukrainians for standing up and fight for their country. The Russians will crush them for sure but history will record that they did stand up and fight. Something one can find sorely lacking in Obama`s administration. They at least could supply the Ukrainians arms to make it more expensive in money and lives for the Russians Just like in Afghanistan


If Putin is another Hitler bent on world conquest then we should all just kiss our asses goodbye. Because unlike Adolf he CAN destroy Europe and North America in a suicidal war. If we're smart enough to know history we should be smart enough to see the technological innovations that will give us a war of mutually assured destruction. And if we are all going to be charcoal tomorrow I prefer it to be over a member of NATO and not the Ukraine. Nothing wrong with the Ukraine but we need to draw a careful line between places we will commit suicide for. I mean go to war for, and the rest of the world.


Ahhh yes, the russians proxies are running amuk in another country, and russia is warning not to ' engage ' the militants. Typical tyrannical b.s. from russia.

 Ukraine has to and take control of their territory, go in and as brutaly as possible knock the sh*t out those a-holes. Who the hell is russia to tell another country how to handle insurgents ( thats because puti know his best thugs are the community orginizers engineering the unrest ). 

 This whole thing has been played-

Germany, 1924 up to September of 1939.

    The "little man" sent out his " brown shirts " to start riots, then the "little man" could appear to suddenly stop them, then Hindenburgh sudenly is killed, a bomb goes off in the beer hall, the "brown shirts" are then all murdered along with the old guard( the very same people that got the "little man" to power and were all Germantoo, then jews get blamed for Germanys downfall, regristrations begin, and then some nazi a-holes dressed like Polish partisans and military attack a German radio station( the whole time Germans are killing Germans for Hitler, so, he can start a war ).

 Ask yourselves..... what kind of twisted, sociopathic, egomaniacal tyrant, can be the one demanding more restraint from a country under his seige????

 The rest is history- millions dead

ps- I know the history timeline is a little off, but, we get it.