Secret Mission: Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Quietly Get Married

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Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig attend a private screening of "Enduring Love" at the MGM screening room September 13, 2004 in New York City. <br> Bowers/Getty Images

Putting his James Bond skills into practice, the two were married in front of just four people last week.

The short-term couple made a long-term commitment at a secret ceremony Wednesday in New York. Craig and Weisz met on the set of their upcoming film Dream House, set to be released in September. The couple, both originally from England, kept their six-month romance on the down low, so it’s no surprise their marriage ceremony took the same silent path.

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The two were married in front of four lucky guests: Weisz’s 5-year old son, Craig’s 18-year-old daughter, and two friends who acted as witnesses.

They were first spotted together on a romantic Christmas holiday in the U.K., but Hollywood sources say the 43-year-old Craig and Weisz, 41, have been friends for years. Both ended long-term relationships last year before becoming a couple. Craig is known for his role as James Bond in the most recent iterations of the series, and Weisz has starred in dozens of films, including The Mummy and her Oscar-winning role in The Constant Gardener.

In their film Dream House, the two star as husband and wife. How life imitates art.

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