The Song of Summer 2011: Six Catchy Contenders

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Can Nicki Minaj take over the summer?

Every summer seems to have one: an anthem so embraced by the masses that it’ll be played over and over again until it feels as if the lyrics are encoded in your DNA. Sorry, but it’s pretty much unavoidable.

This is the song you’ll hear everywhere, even in your dreams (or nightmares), all summer long and likely well into September. And while the most popular song of the summer is never the best song of the summer, sometimes you luck out with a semi-decent song to begin with. (Though, you’ll definitely hate it by Labor Day after hearing it approximately 4 million times.)

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Though summer has just begun, NewsFeed thought that now would be a good time to take a look at the candidates for 2011’s Summer Song.

1. “Moves Like Jagger”, Maroon 5

With the current popularity of The Voice, we’d understand if this song (which features Christina Aguilera and debuted on the talent show) gave all the other summer songs a serious run for their money. That doesn’t mean we’re happy about it though.

2. ” I Wanna Go”, Britney Spears

Though it’s not her best song, any Britney option will always be a contender for the song of the summer. Such is the power of Brit.

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3. “Rolling in the Deep”, Adele

We love Adele and her new break-up themed album 21 has already been a smash success around the world. But does “Rolling in the Deep” have what it takes to be a summer anthem? While it’s not quite as bubble-gum poppy or club-driven as most summer tunes, we have our fingers crossed.

4. “Party Rock Anthem”, LMFAO

While it’s true that almost every LMFAO song seems made for summer listening, when there’s a track called “Party Rock Anthem” you should be bracing yourself for some serious airplay.

5. “Super Bass”, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj certainly seems to have checked the list of what goes into a song of summer with her single “Super Bass”: a saccharine hook, poppy rhythms and a fun, splashy video. In fact, NewsFeed isn’t even that irritated by the sound of this song… yet. (Ask us again come August.)

6. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s weird video aside, her latest song has attracted a lot of attention. But let’s not forget who was responsible for last year’s terrible summer song. Are we really ready to forgive Katy so easily?

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