Did NBC’s ‘Predator’ Catcher Chris Hansen Get Caught In His Own Scandal?

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Victoria Sherwood / NBC Universal / AP

Chris Hansen

In this world of viral news and hidden cameras, irony can sting even the most seemingly virtuous among us. And apparently so can the National Enquirer.

The tabloid that sank former presidential candidate John Edwards has this time apparently exposed reporter Chris Hansen in the same way he exposes people on his Dateline NBC show “To Catch a Predator,” albeit for a different allegation: cheating on his wife. See footage from the video here.

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The Enquirer reports in today’s newsstand issue that Hansen has kept up a four-month fling with Kristyn Caddell, a reporter for a Florida NBC affiliate. Hidden cameras recorded the two at a hotel, then leaving her apartment — with luggage — the next day.

Hansen became famous for the “Predator” show, in which he catches potential pedophiles with the help of decoys and hidden cameras. But the Enquirer seems to have done the same in semi-low tech fashion. And there’s nobody asking him “why don’t you have a seat right there?”

Asked about the report by Yahoo! News, an NBC spokeswoman said: “We don’t comment on National Enquirer stories.”

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About this Report Of Chris Hansen that someone I know wants to say that those men they called men should not be called that,but perpretrators only. It just went thru my mind & figured this myself just before looking him up to comment on something about the show ,CUZ just watching the reruns on MSNBC.

What went thru my mind was confirmed. He had been caught in a scandal of cheating on his wife.I never knew of this show till 2 months ago.

Thank you for your time and effort of reporting the danger of the possibility that children in America are being or could be exploited by those perpetrators who are misguided by their needs & wants, not knowing the difference of power and strength the power to act out in that fashion & not have the strength to police yourself. You as a news carrier MSNBC you should carry better & more careful news reports & call them perpetrators men or women.

We are born children,boy or girl,young men or young lady,but fail to find a message among our peers to excell to reach the title of man or gentleman. Anyone of those titles you have to earn in life. If you are a boy playing with your own toy & no one gives you the reprimand for what is right & wrong,you can be 100 years old & still be a boy in your mind.

Show the next generation by the choices you make, that is a title you earn. A ranking officer gets to that possition by time served & hard work. How can you show the next generation that a title like a man can be given freely to someone that has not earned it yet ? Step up to the plate & give the title that matches the action.

For where they is an action there is an equal & opposite reaction. When a title of a crime has been commited it matches the action of that perpetrator. If it is a rapist call it a rapist. If it is a bank robbery call them a robber. If it is a sexual predetor then call them just that. You are calling people by their gender not their crime.

There are females out there that have commited the same crimes and can't be called women. A woman does not stoop down to hurt a child. Show by example not by ratings. rcrepso6@mymetropcs.com