‘The Social Network’ Is Such an Award-Magnet, Even Its Trailer Gets Trophies

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It’s already received award nominations for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor, but The Social Network just added one more triumph to the list: Best Trailer.

That’s right, the Golden Trailer Awards have been announced, in a ritual where (what else?) movie trailers are honored for their artistry. And the winner for this year’s Best In Show trailer goes to The Social Network, which beat out contenders Inception, Blue Valentine, Tree of Life and The King’s Speech.

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The trailer not only won the biggest award of the group, but it also snagged the Best Drama award, Best Music award and the Most Original prize. It’s not really much of a surprise that The Social Network trailer did so well (the trailer earned much-deserved buzz for the Facebook movie), especially considering all the other great trailers also snagged awards for their categories: The gorgeous Tree of Life trailer won for Best Independent; the heart-tugging Blue Valentine trailer won for Best Romance; the pulsing Inception trailer won for Best Action.

We are surprised, however, that the Black Swan trailer got so little love; it won the Best Thriller award but didn’t appear anywhere else on the list. Perhaps we’re finally done with battling ballerinas.

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