Just Luck: Random Passerby Saves Two-Year-Old Baby Falling From a Building

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Courtesy of Xinhua

Wu Juping smiles at her own son in a hospital on Sunday, after she saved a 2-year-old girl.

According to China’s state-run agency, Xinhua, Wu Juping – a 32-year-old woman who happened to just be walking about in Hangzhou, China – managed to catch a baby girl who fell out of a window from ten floors up. Now that’s luck.

Apparently, the two-year old girl, Niu, managed to fall out of the window when the girl’s grandmother disappeared to take care of some errands (for a second, let’s disregard why she left the baby alone). When the little girl woke up from her nap, she began searching for her grandmother, and inadvertently crept up to the window sill.

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Neighbors saw what was happening, but were unable to prevent the toddler from falling out. Wu caught the baby “bare-handed,” but also broke her arm in the process. Still, the act absorbed most of the fall’s impact, which would have severely harmed Niu.

The little girl in question is now in the emergency room, but doctors say she may suffer from internal bleeding. Still, the doctor in charge noted that, “It’s [a] miracle [that] Niu survived the accident.”

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