Latest Twitter Rumor Debunked: Victoria Beckham Hasn’t Given Birth Just Yet

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REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

At least Twitter hoaxes equally portray life and death. The past 24 hours have given rise to President Obama “getting killed” and Victoria Beckham “giving birth.” Both are baloney, but at least people were in the ballpark with the latter.

Despite reports that David and Victoria Beckham’s soon-to-be-born daughter was actually going to take place on July 4 in an L.A. hospital, this was not to be the case. Over-excited fans got their facts seriously mixed up with tweets claiming that the weight was 5lbs 8oz, and the name was Felicity Beckham (which NewsFeed kind of likes and hopes the couple takes into consideration).

And that has led the spokespeople to set the record straight. David’s publicist, Simon Oliveira, took to Twitter himself: “Contrary to certain reports, David and Victoria Beckham’s baby is not due today and that was never the case….”

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Perhaps David unwittingly sent people into a frenzy last weekend when, during a press conference for his soccer team L.A. Galaxy, he talked up the importance of America’s special day. “We got married on the Fourth of July, 12 years ago, Monday, so it’s a special day for us, it always has been and always will be.”

He then went on to discuss the matter of color schemes chez Beckham. “We’re really excited. You know, it’s a whole new different thing for us. To have so much pink in the house, lilac in the house, and dresses … All the clothes [are] ready, the room’s ready, so we’re all ready for it and all excited.” No wonder soccer struggles to make it in the U.S.

The Daily Mail was told in May that Victoria would give birth to the couple’s fourth child in the U.S. and mentioned early July. But number four on July 4 just wasn’t to be. NewsFeed is so excited about the official confirmation that we’ll be writing all subsequent posts today while kicking a soccer ball in the air without letting it fall to the floor.

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