Tumblr of the Week: Starbucks Spelling

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Image via Starbucks Spelling

Ever had a barista butcher your name as they’ve scrawled across your grande latte? (Of course you have.) Well, we’ve got just the Tumblr for you.

Starbucks Spelling collects reader submissions of the most unexpected, perplexing and hilarious ways that Starbucks employees have misspelled or misinterpreted customer’s names. You told the barista your name was Josh? Somehow they heard Gosh. Is your name Carina? To some, that sounds like Borin. Oh, and the beverage labelled Shaggy in the photo above? The customer’s name was actually Jackie.

As this is a phenomenon that happens to nearly everyone at one point in their coffee-drinking life, rather than venting frustration at the mistake you might as well revel in just how awry some spellings can go. (via Starbucks Spelling)

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