Grizzly Bear Kills Man at Yellowstone National Park

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Paul Souders / Getty Images

This is every hiker’s worst nightmare, right? (It is now.)

A 57-year-old man hiking in Yellowstone National Park with his wife was mauled by a mama grizzly trying to protect her cubs. Reportedly the couple had seen the bear once already on their hike without incident, but when they spotted the grizzly a second time, she was charging. Seeing the bear, the man told his wife to run before he was attacked and mauled to death.

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After nearby hikers heard the woman’s cries for help and called 911, park rangers arrived. Although rangers are still looking for the grizzly culprit, they’ve pointed out that once found the bear won’t be killed as she was only trying to protect her cubs.

Yellowstone officials were also quick to point out that this is the first fatal mauling by a grizzly in their park in 25 years. But the AP reports that it’s the third mauling — fatal or otherwise — in the area in just a year. (via Washington Post)

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