Watch: U2’s Bono Invites Blind Fan to Jam On Stage During Encore

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U2 Lead Singer Bono

REUTERS/Benjamin J. Myers

Did you hear the one about the world’s biggest band getting a blind guy to play with them? Sounds like the beginning of a joke but we’re not kidding (for once).

The recent 100th show of U2’s two-year-long 360 tour took place in Nashville at the Vanderbilt Stadium. Songs were sung. Encores were played. The crowd went wild. And the Irish band prepared to take their leave. So far, so normal. Right? Wrong.

For some reason, U2 frontman Bono decided to turn around and head to the front of the stage, where he proceeded to start chatting with a fan. What precisely was going on? The big show closer, “Moment of Surrender,” signals that the night’s work is done, but Bono had been attracted to this man’s sign that read “blind guitar player, bring me up!!”

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After their talk, Bono instructed his stagehands to “Get a guitar for this dude … Get him my guitar.” He then told the rest of the band, “Gents, we have a surprise guest,” before proceeding to strap his green guitar around the shoulders of the fan. Shortly after, we learn from this mystery individual that, “I’m really nervous, man!” But before you knew it, he’s strumming said guitar, while  Bono breaks into “All I Want Is You.”

A few minutes later — and please note that all of U2 joined in with the impromptu performance — Bono hugged the happiest man in Nashville and then gave him the guitar to keep, which, if you’re into U2, is clearly going to blow your mind (especially if the words Gretsch Green Irish Falcon mean anything to you; it’s one of only a few of those guitars in existence).

The lucky recipient was Adam Bevell, who came all the way over from Arizona so he sure got some bang for his buck (hardly surprising that on his Facebook page, he uploaded some video, writing, “Me playing with U2!!!!!!!!!!!!”) For once, we’ll forgive the exclamation points. (via Huffington Post)

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