Forget Cuddly Puppies: The Shark Cam Is Live, Just In Time for Shark Week

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A blacktip reef shark swimming innocently, yet menacingly.

The Discovery Channel’s annual homage to those mouthy creatures is just around the corner. To sate your appetite for the glorious ocean/nightmares meanwhile, they’ve launched the Shark Cam, a live stream of the world’s largest indoor aquatic environment.

Tracy Morgan once gave the world an invaluable bit of advice through his character on 30 Rock: “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” This year that week is July 31 through August 6. But until then, you can procrastinate by watching the sea animals who make their home at the Georgia Aquarium.

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According to their website, the Atlanta-based habitat contains more than 10 million gallons of water and more animals than any other aquarium in the world. On their phone recording, they also assert that their outfit is the “most magical” (which could be seen as an attempt to goad nearby Florida’s Disney World or Sea World into a fight).

Animals you might see milling about their “Ocean Voyager” exhibit include the blacktip reef shark, the largetooth sawfish and the leopard whipray. The exhibit also houses creatures that don’t sound like Dr. Suess villains, such as the the giant guitarfish, the tasseled wobbegong and the potato grouper, which sound like friendly Dr. Suess characters.

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Once Shark Week starts, there will be much more to sink your teeth into, including an investigation of the “Great White Invasion,” tellings of “the most horrific shark attacks in history” and other charming shows like Top Five Eaten Alive.

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