Land of the Free (and Unfashionable): GQ Ranks the Worst-Dressed Cities

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One of America’s oldest cities is also its most poorly dressed—or so says a new list from GQ magazine.

Boston topped the magazine’s survey of America’s 40 worst-dressed cities. GQ even dubbed it the nation’s “Bad-Taste Storm Sewer” (harsh!) and blasted Bostonians’ penchant for Uggs, hoodies and wearing leggings as pants. Los Angeles, at fault for big bling and over-the-top clothes, came in second place. “Men dress like boys, women like tweens and middle-aged women like the trophy wives they once were,” wrote GQ. Pittsburgh, home to thousands of loyal Steelers fans, came in third for its citizens’ “utter sloppiness” in sartorial choices, which can be described as a perpetual “Game Day Casual.” Chicago and Manhattan rounded out the top five, respectively, but smaller cities weren’t spared either.

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Wasilla, AK came in 22th, which may not be a surprising finish for a city whose most well-known citizens are the Palin family. After all, former Governor Sarah Palin famously talked about preferring second-hand shops during the 2008 presidential election, after a dispute over her $150,000 campaign wardrobe. Newport Beach (29th), the hometown of designer-obsessed highschoolers in the teen drama The O.C., was criticized for its “balls-out ostentation,” which “veers dangerously into gaudiness—all flashy excess and no style.” Ouch.

Head to GQ for the full list of poorly-dressed cities.

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