Reading While Eating For July 22: Comic Books and Dance Parties

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Eric Gaillard / Reuters

People relax on giant deckchairs as "Paris Plages" (Paris Beaches) opens along banks of the Seine river in Paris, July 21, 2011. Paris Plages, the yearly transformation of a section of the Seine river into a man-made beach, opened today for its 10th anniversary and will run from July 21 to August 21, bringing the beach atmosphere to the French capital.

From hams at Comic Con in San Diego to hams at the office, check out today’s links.

A Laugh Riot: See TIME’s pictures from Comic Con. (TIME)

Up, Up, and Away: In Switzerland, thrill-seekers set a Guinness World Record for the highest blob jump. (Gizmodo)

Slow And Steady Wins The Race: This tortoise is trucking along “just fine,” thanks to a new leg with a swiveling wheel. (The Daily What)

History Lesson: This week, the bones of Adolf Hitler deputy Rudolf Hess were exhumed from his grave in southern Germany to deter Neo-Nazi pilgrimages.  Read NewsFeed’s story, then check out this photo gallery to learn more about Hess’s life. (LIFE)

Money Woes: To run the country into the ground or not to run the country into the ground? That’s The Onion‘s take on the prolonged debt-ceiling negotiations. (The Onion)

Everybody Dance Now! TGIF, and it’s time to let loose! Watch some epic office dance parties. Maybe it’s time to get one started at your workplace today? (BuzzFeed)

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