WATCH: The Oslo Bombing’s Aftermath, Captured on Camera

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Video footage is quickly appearing around the web that documents the aftermath of the Olso explosion has that damaged several government buildings, injured many and, so far, killed seven people, according to CBS.

A video from Norwegian state broadcaster NRK (click to view) gives one of the more terrifying glimpses at the damage caused, as the raw footage explores the bombed out buildings. Other videos (below) are popping up on social media sites, showing the explosion and resulting damage from varying angles and perspectives, though all of them are unsettling if not downright scary.

(PHOTOS: Explosion in Oslo)

The New York Times reports that this video comes from a YouTube user Kuleand, filmed immediately after the explosion.

The Times also shares this video, offering a closer perspective of a still-smoking building.

The videos below not only capture some of the damage but also give a sense of the shock people were feeling on the street immediately after the explosion:

UPDATED: This post originally credited the “Seconds After Oslo Bomb Exploding” video to Geir-Olav Goksøyr. The video is actually from YouTube user Kuleand.