Double Rainbow Guy Ponders Presidential Run

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YouTube / Bear Vasquez

Political views, we’re not so sure. But he’d certainly help the White House get in touch with its emotions.

That’s right, the man who gained viral fame by shedding tears at the sight of a double rainbow wants to be your next Commander-in-Chief.  Paul “Bear” Vasquez is that man, who currently lives in a mobile home at Yellowstone National Park. In his presidential announcement video, he appears unkempt and rambling – but always passionate about what he’s saying. And appropriately, Vasquez sheds light on his political viewpoints and potential presidential enactments. So what’s his message to the people?

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Unsurprisingly, Vasquez is running on the primary platform of “Emergency! Alternative Energy!” Come on, the man cried upon discovering a double rainbow. Of course he’s a lover of the environment. He plugs the dangers of foreign oil while appearing in front of the majestic park he calls home. A valid argument, but will America really trust a candidate who hasn’t combed his hair in weeks?

Vasquez realizes his chances are slim. He’s kicked off his campaign using a Facebook app called Votocracy, which aims to get one Facebook-selected candidate on the ballot, which means Double Rainbow Guy will have a hefty dose of competition. He’ll be pitted against other commoners just like him who think they have a shot in the White House.

But Vasquez is a viral star – his Double Rainbow video has been viewed 29 million times, after all – so why shouldn’t he gain the people’s trust? Win or lose, he takes a realistic stance: at the very least, he wants “to get these issues heard.” If the people hear his presidential message, maybe elected officials will as well.

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