Reading While Eating for July 26: Remember When?

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Issei Kato / Reuters

Anton Goncharov of Ukraine competes during the men's 800m freestyle heats at the 14th FINA World Championships in Shanghai July 26, 2011

The Internet is abuzz about TeenNick’s nightly nostalgia fest, “The ’90s Are All That.” In its honor, let’s look back at the ’90s and beyond.

All That, AutoTuned: To promote its new late-night lineup of ’90s Nickelodeon shows, TeenNick mashed up some of its iconic shows, and added a dash of Auto-Tune. (TeenNick)

Swan (Dress) Song: Icelandic songstress Björk first hit the spotlight in the 1990s as a dance artist. She’s still churning out quirky and creative hits — check out her latest video for her new single, “Crystalline.” (The Daily What)

Game Changes: When was the last time you actually played Monopoly? No matter how recently you played, you probably played it incorrectly. (WAXY)

Grown-Up Grumbles: Sure, nostalgic grown-ups can watch clips of their favorite kids’ TV shows. But they still can’t go to Chuck-E-Cheese without kids of their own. Check out 15 places you can no longer go as an adult, before you start creeping people out at petting zoos. (BuzzFeed)

Style Snafu: Think wearing leggings as pants is a style abomination? Think back to Hammer pants, and it’s not so bad. See the best (and worst) styles of the 1990s. (LIFE)

Bad Ads: At least the ’90s were progressive enough not to have tie advertisements that read “Show her it’s a man’s world.” (Sociological Images)

Blockbuster Blunders: The style wasn’t just bad in the 1990s — so were the summer movies. (Remember Waterworld? Or Wild Wild West?) See the 20 worst summer blockbusters. (TIME)

Viral Video: While we’re on the subject, strap on your baggy overalls and watch an a capella group recreate ’90s dance hits. (Have You Seen This)