Reading While Eating for July 27: Watch and Learn

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Desmond Boylan / Reuters

A fisherman casts his line as the sun sets on the outskirts of Havana July 25, 2011

Today’s links give you nothing but entertainment. Why read substantive articles during your lunch break when you can watch silly videos?

Movie Magic: If Harry Potter were a teen comedy, it — well, it wouldn’t be that different. (The Daily What)

Weird Science: The gritty AMC drama Breaking Bad is an Emmy darling. But all it really needs to soar is a new main character – Bill Nye the Science Guy. (CollegeHumor)

Cool Cups: Stacking cups by simply spinning them is not a useful talent, but it sure is cool. (BuzzFeed)

What a Diva: Crazy Stupid Love has plastered the country with posters — but how can an ensemble cast pick one actor to feature? Turns out Steve Carell has quite a bit to do with it. (Funny or Die)

Famous Friends: Can’t get enough Entourage in your life? Check out some real-life celebrity posses. (LIFE)

Mmm, Cheesy Poofs: From South Park to roller coasters, check out what made our magazine’s weekly Pop Chart. (TIME)

Culture Clash: Two British guys go into a Wal-Mart, and hilarity ensues. (Vulture)