Colbert Takes Over MLB Twitter Feed in a Bout of Hilarity and Haughtiness

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Michael Loccisano / FilmMagic

Stephen Colbert beat the MLB at its own game. And his reward was assuming control of their official Twitter Feed.

It’s only expected that the red-blooded, die-hard American Stephen Colbert is a chest-beating fan of our nation’s pastime. Whether his real-life persona (also confusingly named Stephen Colbert) is similarly a fan is up for interpretation, but all signs point to yes. After beating Major League Baseball’s official reps at their own “Beat the Streak” game in June, he was allotted the keys to the @MLB Twitter for 24 hours.

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On Friday, the official Twitter feed of Major League Baseball became “Stephen Colbert’s playground.” Baseball fans braced themselves for Colbert’s typical blend of humor and self-righteousness. Of course, Colbert kicked off his stint as baseball’s online mouthpiece by simultaneously confusing baseball fans, causing havoc at stadiums – and showing his disdain for recycling:

The rest of the day continued with tweets of an equally silly yet smug nature.

The MLB promptly resumed control of their own feed just after midnight Saturday, but not before Colbert could post 19 havoc-wreaking tweets. Next stop, he says? Minor League Baseball’s Twitter feed. At least he’s giving fair warning.

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