We Still Love Lucy! Google Doodle Celebrates Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday

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Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Lucille Ball's studio portrait

And today, Google thought it best to let Lucy do the talking – as usual.

It’s been 100 years since the fiery redhead’s birth and 60 years since the debut of her eponymous show I Love Lucy, yet her goofy comedy and bubbly personality remain timeless. Lucille Ball was an inspiration – and a trailblazer – for every female comedian who followed.

And Google, no stranger to interactive doodles, is bringing the show back to our living rooms in commemoration of the wise-cracker. Displaying a ‘50s era TV set with Google’s name written in the style of the show’s classic scribbled-heart design, Google has provided six classic clips for our viewing pleasure.

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Remember the endless candy-production line where Lucy and Ethel end up eating more chocolates than they wrap? Oh Lucy! Or the famed grape-stomping episode where Lucy and her Italian hostess end up wearing more grapes than they crush? Lucy’s humor transcended all languages and ages because of her down-to-Earth persona. And her laugh was simply contagious. We all saw a little bit of ourselves in Lucy.

Lucille Ball died in 1989, but her legacy will live on, thanks to her immortalization on the television screen. And now Google has provided a high-tech way to relive the laughs.

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