QUOTE: Joe Paterno ‘Fine’ After Collision

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Matt Sullivan / Reuters

“I expect to be back at practice soon. I’m doing fine; tell everyone not to worry about me.”

— JOE PATERNO, 84, Penn State’s football coach after suffering a hairline fracture when a player collided into him during practice (via ESPN)


Evil rules the world.  I've seen it.  Years ago I found a hidden camera in a portapotty at a Forest Preserve.  I raced to an officer's car to report the camera... and found him masturbating in his squad car.  Even the "good guys" are pervs.  


This is a gut check moment for the gay community.  Having rightly fought for and gained equality under the law, this is the moment where out and proud must be out and morally repulsed.  Gays must be as united and vocal in their condemnation of Bryan Singer as they are of people who equate homosexuality with deviancy -- because his (alleged) behavior is exactly the kind of unapologetic predatory conduct toward children that the unenlightened fear is homosexuality's true nature.  

The more this story unfolds, the more anecdotal evidence we hear that Mr Singer's aggressive grooming of boys as sex partners was anything but a secret in Hollywood's gay community.  We hear now that his reputation for underage drug-fueled sex parties was so widely-known, episodes of popular television shows were written about it.  

And yet he continued to thrive professionally.  Like Jerry Sandusky, he continued to be given access to future generations of victims by the very institution whose notoriety gave him power over them.  For years this went on.  Decades.  And nobody in the gay community who witnessed it, seemingly, was surprised or outraged enough to do anything to stop him.  

We are talking about a man whose sexual appetite (allegedly) so blurred the line between abuse of power and outright pedophilia that even his attorney admits teams of ID checkers were employed at parties to ensure Mr Singer could have his way with the very youngest boys possible.  Think about that.  A grown man nearing fifty for whom sexual gratification hovered, by design, at the threshold of child rape.  

Will the gay community embrace and support Mr Singer's victims or malign and discredit them as Mr Sandusky's supporters did before?  Time will tell and history will remember.  The gay community's outrage, or its lack thereof, will inform those outside the community whether this (alleged) behavior is part of the culture of gay men of influence in America or a rare aberration that sickens every human heart.


Of course the casting couch still exists. I don't have any info on movie casting, but in music it's an official secret that virtually no aspiring female singer gets a record contract without putting out. There's a reason it's so common that every pretty young thing which releases a single has her producer as boyfriend. And it seems to be the same in fashion, I've once had the misfortune of having to listen to a very famous photographer brag about how he'd intentionally take bad photos of aspiring models until they slept with him.