Reading While Eating for August 9: It Takes Two

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Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

The German share trading DAX index at Frankfurt's stock exchange on August 8, 2011

Tuesday’s links come in pairs: adversaries, collaborations and even replacements.

Tag Teams: In honor of the debut of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne, see the top 10 musical collaborations. (TIME)

Golf Grumbles: Tiger Woods recently dumped his longtime caddy. But does a great caddy make you better at golf? (Slate)

Precarious Perch: Afraid of heights? Then don’t look at these photos of fearless tightrope walkers. We’re queasy just typing this. (LIFE)

Baby Talk: Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly didn’t take too kindly to one talking head’s thought that maternity leave was a “racket.” Watch the smackdown here. (The Daily What)

Child’s Play: Watch the world champion in yo-yo work his magic. Yes, there’s a worldwide yo-yo competition. The more you know. (CBS)

Nerd No More: Cee Lo Green’s new music video, “Cry Baby,” features Jaleel White (famous for playing Steve Urkel) doing a suave song-and-dance number. (Best Week Ever)